Mediation / Dispute Resolution

Mediation / Alternative Dispute Resolution is a legal process in which the parties attempt to reach an agreement outside of the court room with the help of a neutral mediator instead of going to trial an having a Judge made a decision for the family. In order for any settlement to be concluded, the parties must voluntarily agree to accept it.

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The Mediation Process

The advantage of mediation is that it offers the parties full control of the outcome of the process. Mediation/Alternative dispute resolution is a way both parties can work towards a resolution together without having to pay steep legal fees to take a case to trial. The mediator is usually neutral with no personal relationship with either of the parties. He or she listens to both sides to the story and tries to come up with some kind of arrangement that will be accepted by both parties who are in a dispute.

Many of the mediation begin with the parties being in the same room, but a mediator can act as a go between the two parties and meet with them separately to avoid exchange of words or direct confrontation by the parties. The mediator is in no position to reveal any information of one party to the other party. Both parties may be required to reveal very private information for the mediator to understand the individual’s point of view in the matter.

Mediation can be used at any stage of a dispute if the parties wish to explore the possibility of settlement. Successful mediation can achieve conflict resolution quickly, inexpensively, and without getting other authorities involved. But not all disputes, even those that involve trained and qualified non-legal neutral mediator, end in successful resolution.

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