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Considering a separation from your partner? we can help you during this difficult process. We provide Legal Advice and Representation. We can help you file the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage to get the process started right away. If you need to seek a modification of child support, modification of child custody, or modification of spousal support in conjunction with a significant change in your or your ex-spouse’s circumstances.

If you are considering a separation from your partner and need need legal advice the Law Office of Karla Y. Campos-Andersen ESQ. P.A. can advice you in all matters related to Divorce.

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Division of Assets and Debts

If the parties own a home, real estate or other assets that were acquired during the marriage it is generally considered marital property and often divided equally. If property was owned by one party before the marriage, that property may be considered non marital such that the Court may not award anything to the other spouse. Courts also have the authority to assign responsibility for debts acquired during the marriage. The Court will usually required to order each party to pay an equal portion of the debts. Where the value of an item is in dispute, expert appraisers may be needed to give opinions about value. This is especially true where there is a business involved. Courts will generally not force the sale of a house where a spouse and minor children are living there.

What we can do for you

At the Law Office of Karla Y. Campos-Andersen Esq. P.A. we can offer the legal counsel you need. Our goal is always to protect your legal rights while working toward an outcome that is in your best interest, whether this can be achieved inside or outside of the courtroom. If the parties are not in agreement, and the issue cannot be resolved through negotiation, attorney Karla y Campos-Andersen is prepared to go to court to fight to protect your rights. Mrs. Campos-Andersen has years of experience in difficult litigation, and understands that there are a number of factors to consider in divorce cases. To ensure that your rights are protected, you should have the legal support and representation of a qualified fort myers divorce attorney. An experienced divorce attorney will help you file the necessary documents, and present a compelling case on your behalf. At the law office of Karla y Campos-Andersen, we are ready to provide full Court representation for clients in all of southwest Florida.

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