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In Florida, child custody no longer is ordered in divorce or paternity actions.  Primary and Secondary parents have been taken out of the laws and rules that govern marital and family law.  What is currently decided upon is parental responsibility, parenting plan and a time-sharing schedule.  The parties usually share parental responsibility of the minor children. In general, this means that they both share in the major decisions regarding the children’s welfare and both have access to the children’s school and medical records, etc, unless the court decides that shared responsibility would be detrimental to the minor child.

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Understanding Your Rights

It is advisable that the parties come to an agreement as to the parenting plan and timesharing schedule.  Both are detailed plans which outline every aspect of the child and parent relationship, such as the days and times each parent will spend with their children, a holiday schedule, transportation and traveling issues. 

If the parties cannot come to an agreement, then they may employ a social investigation or psychological evaluation to make a recommendation.  In this situation a neutral party or psychologist evaluates the parties, children and others familiar with the parties’ circumstances and prepares a report which is submitted to the Court. Usually the Court will follow the recommendations contained within the report.  Alternatively, the parties may allow the Court to determine the parental responsibility, timesharing and parenting plan.

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