Domestic Violence

Under Florida Law the act of domestic violence is defined as any assault (a threat or attempt to do bodily harm), battery (an intentional and unlawful touching or striking), hitting, punching, pushing, or being placed in fear of imminent harm. This also includes sexual assault, sexual battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment and stalking.

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Understanding Your Rights

Generally, domestic violence refers to the brutality between married couples and divorced or even separated couples, but many legislatures have intensified the scale of law to incorporate unmarried persons who are living together, the children, people who have had a child together even if they are not living together, relatives and even people who are intimately involved.

Domestic violence laws are against any kind of abuse, may it be physical, sexual, extreme psychological and emotional harm, or even attempted physical abuse. It prohibits any kind of threats and even financial exploitation. Any victim subjected to any kind of abuse is advised to contact the police and file a report. Domestic violence applies to any criminal offense resulting in the physical injury or death of one family or household member by another household member. This is a very serious matter and representation for the victim as well of a person falsely accused is important.

Getting help from the Police

If there is strong evidence of any physical abuse, the police are obliged to arrest the perpetrators of the offence if they find physical evidence that corroborates the accusation. If they do not, they are supposed to file a report in writing outlining why they did not conduct the arrest. The victims are supposed to learn about their legal rights from the police. It’s the obligation of the police to enforce all the necessary protection on the victims and transport them to a hospital or any other medical facility to get the necessary medical treatment. The victims are required to obtain a protective order as per the instructions of the police.

What should I do in an emergency or crisis situation?

If you are in danger or in any type of emergency situation, call 911 to request law enforcement assistance. In any other type of crisis situation, call:

  • Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-500-1119 / TTY Hotline: 1-800-621-4202
  • Lee – Abuse Counseling & Treatment, Inc. Hotline number: (239)939-3112
  • Collier – Shelter for Abused Women and Children Hotline number: (239)775-1101
  • Charlotte – C.A.R.E. of Charlotte County, Inc. Hotline number: (941)627-6000 or (941)475-6465
  • Hendry – Abuse Counseling & Treatment, Inc. Hotline number: (239)939-3112

These emergency hotlines are available to provide confidential crisis counseling, emotional support, and information on available county and community-based resources.

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    In most cases, the victims of domestic violence are provided with counseling to help them cope with the situation. It may be sometimes a requirement of a protective order for offenders to seek counseling, or it may even be part of a pretrial diversion program. In some areas, the charges against the offender may drop after completing the counseling program.